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company secretarial services

Mabshel Consultancy Group (MCG) specializes in company secretarial services, ensuring that businesses run smoothly and legally. We maintain accurate records, handle compliance, and assist with important paperwork. Our team organizes board meetings and keeps everything in line with the law. We make corporate governance easy, reducing legal risks, and keeping your business transparent and accountable for success.

1. Company incorporation and registration.
2. Company Registration
Completing and filing Annual returns and Declaration of Annual general meeting within the given deadline
3. Reporting any significant changes to the Company Registry
4. Organizing and facilitating board meetings.
5. Drafting legal documents and contracts.
6. Shareholder communication and support.
7. Ensuring adherence to corporate governance standards.
8. Handling company secretarial responsibilities to minimize legal risks.
9. Keeping businesses transparent and accountable.


business incorporation and licensing

MCG assists clients in the process of setting up their businesses. This includes guiding them through the legal requirements, helping with the necessary paperwork, and obtaining the required licenses and permits.


1. Business Entity Selection
2. Company Registration and Incorporation
3. Name Reservation and Trademark Registration
4. Licensing and Permits
5. Regulatory Compliance
6. Industry-Specific Licensing
7. International Business Incorporation
8. Business Compliance Reviews
9. Corporate Secretarial Services
10. Ongoing Compliance Support


Financial advisory and auditing

offers financial advisory services to help businesses make informed decisions. This includes financial reporting, accounting advisory, internal audit, and financial due diligence. They help clients maintain accurate financial records and ensure compliance with accounting standards.

1. Financial Planning and Analysis
2. ZOHO books
3. Capital Structure and Financing
4. Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory
5. Risk Management
6. Business Valuation
7. Strategic Financial Consulting
8. Cash Flow Management
9. Debt Restructuring and Refinancing
10. Treasury and Working Capital Management

Auditing Services:

1. Financial Statement Audits
2. Internal Audit and Compliance
3. Forensic Accounting and Investigation
4. Risk-Based Auditing
5. IT Audit and Security
6. Performance Audits
7. Compliance Audits
10. Due Diligence Reviews
11. Quality Assurance Reviews
12. Regulatory Compliance Audits


real estate

MCG leverages its expertise in the real estate sector to provide a range of services. This includes property management, investment advisory, leasing assistance, and market analysis. They help clients navigate real estate transactions, optimize property investments, and make informed decisions in the real estate market.


1. Extensive Market Knowledge

2. Comprehensive Database

3. Direct Mandate Access

4. Tailored Solutions

5. Time and Effort Savings

6. Negotiation Support


business advisory

MCG provides comprehensive business advisory services to help businesses address various challenges and achieve their growth objectives. This can involve strategic planning, performance improvement, operational efficiency, market analysis, risk management, and other customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of the client.

1. Business Strategy and Planning
2. Financial Advisory and Planning
3. Operational Efficiency and Process Improvement
4. Market Research and Analysis
5. Sales and Marketing Strategy
6. Technology Advisory and Digital Transformation
7. Risk Management and Compliance
8. Human Resources and Talent Management
9. Change Management and Organizational Development
10. Succession Planning and Leadership Development


corporate governance services

 offers insurance advisory services to help businesses mitigate risks and protect their assets. They assess the insurance needs of clients, review existing insurance policies, and recommend appropriate coverage options to safeguard against potential risks and liabilities.


1. Corporate Governance Framework Development

2. Board Composition and Structure

3. Board Evaluation and Performance Assessment

4. Director Recruitment and Succession Planning

5. Governance Policies and Procedures

6. Risk Management and Compliance

7. Shareholder Engagement and Relations

8. Executive Compensation and Incentive Programs

9. Disclosure and Reporting

10. Corporate Ethics and Social Responsibility

11. Board Training and Development

12. Regulatory Compliance and Governance Audits

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MCG’s technology services drive innovation and efficiency. From digital transformation strategies to IT infrastructure optimization, we empower businesses to leverage technology for growth. Our expertise ensures seamless integration and enhanced operational performance.

MCG’s insurance services offer peace of mind and protection. We tailor coverage to your unique needs, whether it’s business, personal, or property insurance. Our expert guidance ensures you’re safeguarded against unexpected challenges.


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